Dreaming about dead relatives started with my Grandmother.  She lived in a familial home beside ours, and she passed away when I was 15 years old.  I only started dreaming about her in my 30s, long after her death.  I started dreaming about her after her house was torn down.  After that, I visited the familiar but no longer present rooms in my dreams.  My Grandmother is always in these house dreams, but it is the loss of the house that haunts my dreams more than the loss of my Grandmother.  The house I grew up in was torn down as well, but it is my Grandmother’s house I dream of.  Now that my Mum has Alzheimer’s, she will ask me if I have visited my Nanny lately, and I can play along and say yes, because I have seen her in my dreams.  There is no point in trying to reason with someone who has lost their reason.  If she thinks my Grandmother is alive, that is fine.  In her mind she is alive.  Late stage Alzheimer’s seems like a sort of awake dreaming to me.

After the house dreams started, I also started to have dreams of dead relatives.  My aunts and uncles that I had really great relationships with often are featured in my dreams. They are nice dreams.  I have always been a nightly dreamer.  I dream of all sorts of things, but I find it interesting that it’s only since my 30s that I have dreamt of deceased loved ones.

Since my Dad passed a few years back, I do dream about him.  They are always really funny dreams, and I love hearing him laugh again.  My sisters do not dream of him.  One doesn’t dream much, the other dreams a lot, but not about our deceased relatives.  I feel really blessed to have these dreams.

I chose this pic for my blog because my Dad used to dream about flying.  They were his favorite dreams.  I like to think that he is flying around in Heaven, fulfilling his dreams.  I want to believe that I will get a chance in Heaven to meet up with all my relatives again and tell them how much I have missed them all, and how much more I know that I loved them than when they were alive and I was young and self-absorbed.

About Sandy

Love to capture in a photo or in writing people or things that interest me. Volunteering makes me feel useful and connected to something other than full-time work. I volunteer at a palliative care residence where I have met the most interesting, coureageous and lovely people. I also devote time to a living history museum called Greenwood in Hudson, Quebec. Favorite fundraising event is StoryFest, which is an Autumn literary festival. I blog about my belief that senior citizens are an important part of our society and they should have a voice in their retirement years.

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